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Are you tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and like you’re spinning your wheels? Ready to move forward into your very own Bold Beginning?

Welcome! I’m so glad you took the time to take a look and see what I’m all about. Here are some of my favorite things to work on with my clients:
*Embracing change
*Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
*Cultivating a positive self image
*Getting organized (mind, body and your environment)
*Setting goals for wellness and achieving them
*Figuring out what you want next and getting it
The list goes on……..I’d love to create a map to your next chapter with you! 

 I want you to know I see you!

I know the feeling of overwhelm, helplessness, fog, and pressure that a life transition brings. 

I’ve lived it…  I’ve been on my knees desperate for some tiny piece of light to show me a path forward when I couldn’t see one for myself. 

Let me help you to remember the power, energy and motivation you once had. 

You can reclaim it and build an amazing life you may have never imagined possible.

“We can’t change where we have been and what we have done, but we can change where we go next and who we become next”

Nancy Mitchell

The Calming Effects of Breathwork

Are you looking for natural ways to calm yourself you can do anywhere? I have a short video for you about the calming effects of breathing consciously! This simple technique will take you from feeling anxiety and fear to calm and grounded.

Private and Group Coaching

We’ll create space for you to feel heard, supported and inspired about what’s next for you. Nancy’s individualized approach meets you where you are and step by step brings you out of the tangles and twists of life and into a clear plan each week to lead to a more fulfilled and purposeful life.

My Journey

When I began to go through my own life transition of divorce, I discovered coaching.

I learned that being coached was an experience that literally saved me.

It truly brought me back to myself.

As I worked with my coach and began to rediscover who I was, I connected with my call to become a coach.

I’d Love to Connect with You

Nancy has such a warm and personable personality that I felt safe with her immediately as my coach.

 I am able to be completely vulnerable with her and completely myself with Nancy. She lets me get it all out, week after week, and holds the space for me to do so in a totally non-judgemental way.

Going through the transition and change in my life that I have been going through these past six months, I honestly don’t know how I would have done it without Nancy. I always feel good and have clarity around whatever it was that I brought to the session that day. 

There is a good chance that I am a “lifer” with Nancy, as long as she’ll have me. Nancy makes me feel that I can accomplish all that I want to in life and is always in my corner cheering me on.

Even though I’m a coach as well, I’m still a human and I need weekly coaching to sort through all of my “stuff” just like someone who isn’t a coach. I highly recommend Nancy as a coach. She truly has made such an impact in my life. 


~ Nicole Humble

My Approach & Philosophy

In my coaching practice, I intentionally work with a small group of one-on-one clients because I want to individualize my work to you. I want you to feel heard and understood. I focus and support you each week during our sessions and through communication (via email or text) between appointments if needed.

You won’t find a “program or package” here.

Yes, I have a framework, an idea of steps to work through from my training and experience, but I meet you where you are, listen, and learn about all aspects of you.

Where have you been, where do you want to go, what lights you up?

Together we develop what action steps you need to take to get what you want consistently.

I want to know what makes you feel most at peace, what you love to do, don’t love to do, what you struggle with, and wish it was different. This is how I begin to support you in developing a life map and plan to move forward.

We all have tried to fit ourselves into someone else’s plan or what has worked for them. This rarely works or can be sustained because it does not come from what our unique self needs.

I’m highly intuitive and empathic and use those gifts to really hear you and your unique needs, leading to success. I’m able to see the next best version of you many times before you can.

Thoughts from the trenches of transformation

 My transformation began five years ago, but it continues today and forevermore. Enjoy these thoughts from my life as it continues to unfold.


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