About three and a half years ago I began a journey that would change the course of my life.

I separated from the man I had spent the last 20 years with, 18 of those years married. We had two children and a seemingly beautiful life.

But, (because there’s always a but) behind the scenes, things were not beautiful.

I was suffering and losing myself more and more each passing day.

The circumstances and details are less important than the fact that much of who I authentically was had gone dormant.

As my coach says, “When I found you had a floor the size of the head of a pin to stand on, and you were dead”; CPR was needed for my soul.

I wasn’t aware at the time just how much I had left myself behind. I am thankful each day that my coach and I connected.



She walked alongside me, showing me glimpses of possibility and awakening slowly the woman of my soul.

THE REAL ME was still there.

It was a slow and arduous process.

About a year into our work together, I realized just how meaningful this work was and how I was awakening to a new, much improved me, even though I was traveling through a time of trauma.

I realized this work was something I was called to do, and again, my coach walked alongside me, supporting me and believing that the goals I set were very attainable.

With her support, I achieved my master’s certification in coaching. I’ve been blessed to work with so many amazing clients around the world and feel ultimately blessed to be a part of their transformational journeys. There is so much more to this story, and it continues to unfold… I’m confident this is really just the beginning!