Last night it suddenly struck me, I will actually miss some things from this “pandemic time”. I’ve spent my days somewhat the same since I already work from home, but there are some significant differences I now see I will miss.

Times with myself to grow my business in ways I wouldn’t have tried. Being seen on Facebook Live(my biggest fear) or re-engaging with clients from the past just to check-in. Healing and growing through breathwork, something I “never had time” to try.

There are many personal growth opportunities I have taken, but there’s more.


The more is what struck me the most.

I will miss the sound of the basketball bouncing outside my office in the middle of the day, which once was an annoyance is now soothing because it means someone I love is close. My teenage son is there, someone I’ve grown to know in a way I wouldn’t have had time to in “regular times.”

We play “Horse” a few times a week, watch movies together, and play games, something we mainly did on vacation before.


There is a sense of simplicity, time moving at a slow rhythm I recognize from my own childhood in the ’70s and 80’s.

For me, this pace feeds my soul and my ability to be more present and more aligned with my son. It helps me know and appreciate him in a new way.

I will miss the sound of my daughter learning to play piano upstairs on her new keyboard. Playing the same song over and over until she mastered it to play for her grandmother on zoom.

Our car rides recording ourselves singing Taylor Swift songs at the top of our lungs, walks with the dogs each night, sitting by the new fire pit I built during this time.

She’s a college student, she should’ve been at school until now, none of this would have happened.

So, what I’m saying is that although this has caused me great anxiety and worry, it has also brought irreplaceable opportunities and memories I wouldn’t trade.

As I type this, I am brought to tears because I realize the age-old truth; beauty always grows from darkness, and our struggles bring great bounty.

A lesson I have been lucky enough to learn many times over and hope to recognize it earlier next time it comes around.