Where will you find support? 

Bold Beginnings Visionaries Group Program

In my group program you will experience individual coaching each session as well as a community of support within the group. I keep my groups extremely small (2-4) because I want each person to receive personal coaching as well as an opportunity to feel very connected and at home. On Zoom sometimes it feels harder to connect but the small group allows us to really get to know each member and share in one another’s journeys.

Are you

  • Ready to design a more productive and fulfilling life?
  • Looking for accountability and motivation to reach your dreams and goals?
  • Experiencing a life transition and seeking guidance to redesigning your life?
  • Seeking connection to other women in a similar experience as you that you can grow together?

The Bold Beginnings Visionary Group may be just what you’re looking for right now!

Monthly Bonus Bundle

As part of the Bold Beginnings Visionaries group you’ll receive a new home study theme to support your growth. Course includes 4 journal prompts or exercises related to the theme and 4 meditations.

I’d Love to Connect with You