For me fall has always been my favorite season, as a student and then as a teacher; it was the new beginning.

For me it has always been the feel and smell of freshly sharpened pencils ready to record new information, new notebooks just waiting for new ideas, new outfits ready to be revealed, new opportunities around every corner. New friends, new students; fresh-faced to fall in love with as I learned about their unique selves.

Fall 2019 was my first not being a teacher in many years, although that tugged at my heart a little, I looked so forward to my “new students”, my clients, also fresh-faced and ready for me to fall in love with.

Their goals, their dreams, their best selves just waiting to be awakened.

It was just as invigorating and energizing as I prepared their notebooks, chose new colored pens, re-read techniques, studied new ones; I was in love with my new life.

This fall somehow feels different in SO many ways, so much that I hardly realized it was here.

It entered amongst a pandemic, racial tensions, forest fires, online school and great political divide.

The weather shifted slightly and I noticed, really noticed, it was September!

It sunk in and made me stop in my tracks.

On some level I knew it, but time has become something different than ever before, it goes by in such a different way now.

I realized that there was a feeling of being untethered, unclear and uneasiness that we are all feeling and under the surface was stealing the fall that I have grown to love so much.

As I worked to lend support to my clients through this time I realized that I too was needing to reach for support and footing in this new feeling in a fall like no other.

How could I reconfigure my thoughts and actions to bring myself back to feeling grounded and inspired?


Because, as a coach, this is my quest in life so I can keep helping my clients reach their full potential. I must find that for myself first before I can do it for others.

My plan went into action, as it has many times I’ve felt a dip. I went to my toolbox and opened it up. I kept my weekly appointments with my coach, kept up with my weekly breathwork and workouts. I added in a session with my shaman, added more meditation, and took a look at my nutrition and sleep.

Now, this did not just “come to me”.

I have worked hard to get to this place. I have these supports because over the past five years I have learned about, tried and practiced new habits that work best for me until I had a toolbox to pull from. I also still get support, still set new goals and will always, because I’ve learned to commit to myself.

I’ve learned that … I am worth it, I am important in this world and taking care of myself is the greatest gift I can give to all those around me.

So, all that to say, I am welcoming in fall now and finding inspiration among all the noise of the world right now that could drag me into the dark. I’m using my toolbox and reaching out to all my support systems to keep me going in the direction that leads me forward. I hope you can see that it’s a choice, and one that is available to all of us.  

Small steps, one by one, we can all have a better life, the one each one of us deserves.