Private and Group Coaching Programs

A client once referred to me as “a chiropractor for the soul”.

I want to guide you to see that you can do things you only imagined for yourself.

I want you to learn to truly believe in your power and ability to move forward uniquely as your authentic self and not as one of many.

I never want you to feel you must fit into a certain rhythm chosen for you without consideration of who you are.

This is a skill I’ve been using for 30 years, first in my career as a teacher and now as a coach. Seeing the individual spirit, needs and soul of each person is my goal.

So how can we make this happen for you?

I want to take you from overwhelmed, alone, oppressed, scared and depleted to focussed, hopeful, supported and energized. I want you to see yourself as capable, powerful and honestly as the badass you are!


VIP Coaching

Group Coaching

How do I do this?

In regular one hour sessions we find the you that knows she’s worth it, that remembers she is alive and powerful.

You will be given action steps each week related to what you are wanting to achieve, one small step at a time building upon one another helping you reach those long awaited dreams.

You will receive support through email and text access to me between calls as well as discounts to groups I offer throughout the year.

Are you ready to transform your life into your bold beginning?

You can start with a three month package, twelve weeks of support and a personal cheerleader to begin your journey to peace and power!
Dive in with three months to solidify your bold beginning and reach those long ignored goals, self care rituals and soul connections with yourself!

YOU are who you’ve been waiting for, your soul is yearning to be recognized and respected.

The inner you that knows there’s so much more out there for you and yearns to come back to life fully!

Join me to find that, to live into it and finally feel free, supported and authentic!