I Remember…

I remembered the early days in my own life transition. I was ready for a change, yet I felt scattered, not necessarily lost, more overwhelmed by the possibilities, and still feeling all the emotions that resulted from what got me to the point of being ready to change my life!

For me, that change was divorce, but I think the experience is the same, whether it’s an empty nest, starting a business or a career change. (Did I mention that my divorce propelled me into a career change too)?


I was so ready to take the next step and at the same time, I felt a lack of motivation for which direction to move. It was almost paralyzing. I knew there was some deep healing that I was ready for in my soul, but it felt overwhelming. I didn’t even know where to start.

To the outsider, I always had it together. I was your go-to girl for anything from volunteering for just about anything, to helping support friends and family however I could. People knew they could count on me, and that meant a lot to me, but I was hiding the truth; that I wasn’t all together.

Keeping it together was creating a whole different level of stress. The time had come. I was ready to do it differently. To feel free and heal. I didn’t know where to start or who not only could but WANTED to help and support me. After all, it always seemed I was the support in every relationship in my life.

 I tried lots of things.
I started something, stopped it, and tried something new.
I tried so many different things.Looking back now, I see it wasn’t the things I was trying. It was that I wasn’t fully ready. I was lost, which led me to jump into the deep end of healing, except I didn’t know how to swim.

Over the years of coaching amazing women through significant transitions, I began to see they were doing the same thing. We are all the same, yet different.

While the details are different; there is one thing I have found that is the same, our desire.

We all have the same desire to heal, to leave the past behind, and become the next up-leveled version of ourselves.

You know that saying,

“I didn’t say it would be easy, but it’ll be worth it” by Mae West?

 She was on to something and 100% correct!

In honor of that place in life, I decided to create an offering that could serve as a lighthouse, a beacon, to women looking and searching for a place to start.

I’ve created these four monthly bundles to support you in your journey.

Each one is a small start, a doable beginning to help you think deeply about your life. I like to envision each bundle as a roadmap to help you begin the healing process back to you.

I want you to feel the confidence that I have experienced myself and have seen firsthand as my clients feel when facing transitions and changes in their life. By the end of the four-part offering, you’ll be ready for the next thing!

You’re not alone in this.
Many women are walking the path with you.
Some, like me, have walked it before you.
There are many yet to walk.

I hope you will experience the kind of growth that opens the door to the potential of you!

The secret to the journey is — it’s a magical place when you open up and allow yourself the time and space to experience it fully.

You can take each bundle at your own pace. My only request is that you finish each one you start.

Each bundle has a guidebook and 4 guided visualizations. My intention is for you to focus on one aspect each week until you’re ready to move to the next bundle.

If a 4-month commitment feels like a lot to start, that’s ok. You can pick where you’d like to begin. Taking 10 minutes a day for 4 weeks will help you get your feet on the ground and build a practice where you focus on your needs, wants, and desires.

I believe you can build healthy habits around respecting yourself. When you care enough to work on yourself, the world changes before your eyes.

With the Relationship with Me bundle you’ll…

* Discover things about yourself that you forgot
* Connect with passions and loves you have buried for so long
* Awaken an energy that you forgot about over the years
* Begin to see yourself as a person separate from your kids and spouse

The more you strengthen your relationship with yourself, the better your relationships are with everybody in your world. It may sound scary, but it’s beneficial for your family when you focus on yourself. As a result, you’re nicer, more relaxed, and a better version of yourself.

With the Forgiveness bundle you’ll…

* Learn forgiveness isn’t for others; it’s a gift you give yourself
* Understand that forgiveness is another way of caring for yourself
* Finally find release from the burdens you’ve been holding onto
* Feel lighter and able to move from victim mentality into thriving

Forgiveness is a powerful component. It facilitates you in moving from being stuck into taking the next step because you’ve cleared out the mental space that pain and anger have been occupying for far too long.

With the Gratitude bundle you’ll…

* Experience more energy
* Change your biochemistry- improving not just your outlook but your overall health and wellbeing 
* Feel peaceful, and the little things won’t bother you as much as they did
* Live life fully and with an open heart

When you look through life with eyes of gratitude, not only will you see life in a more beautiful color, you’ll be giving that love and peace to those around you, regardless if they deserve it, because you deserve to be the person you are inside.

With the Fear bundle you’ll…

* No longer fan the flames of fear in your life
* Stop repeating harmful cycles in your life that have kept you stuck
* Learn to face your fears instead of bypassing them
* Feel confident moving forward, ready for what the future holds

When we talk about letting go of fear, many meet it with hesitation with the preconceived notion that going through the fear is the hardest part. What if staying in fear was actually harder?

I believe so strongly in you and these bundles I’ve created if you purchase all four together, you’ll receive 20% off (that’s all four bundles for $72) and a Bonus Call with me! During our time together, we’ll chat about where you are, where you’re going, and how you’ll get there!

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